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Margo O'Donnell CDs and DVDs, FREE Delivery Worldwide

Margo O'Donnell
The Promise & The Dream
Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Let's Make A Difference * Pocketful Of Dreams * Anywhere In Ireland * They'll Never Take His Love From Me * Knowing You'll Be There * 0n My Musical Journey * I'd Rather Have Jesus * Wexford's Hearts Of Gold * Paint Me A Picture Of Ireland * The Party's Over * Apartment Number 9 * Remember Me * Absent Friends * My Father's Arms * Please Mama Please * Friends Like You * Imperfectly Perfect * Bonny Irish Boy * Pocketful Of Dreams (Reprise) * Poem For Mum And Dad

Code: CD324

Margo O'Donnell
50 Songs 50 Years
3CD Box Set Price £14.99

Tracks Include: * CD1 * Born In Ireland * Poverty * Little Town On The Shannon * The Man From The Glen * Little White House * Ireland On My Mind * Shanagolden * An Irish Harvest Day * Packie Bonner * To My Children I'm Irish * Isle Of The Welcomes * I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget * Dear Old Galway Town * Dear John * Any Town In Ireland Would Be Home * Lady Of Knock * Lovely Kincasslagh
CD2 * The Green Fields Of Ireland * Heaven Around Galway Bay * The Isle of Innisfree * Lovely Erin's Shore * Pick Me Up On Your Way Down * How Far Is Heaven * Home To Achill Island * Consider The Children * Back Home To Donegal * Rented Room * Philadelphia Lawyer * Sweethearts In Heaven * A Bunch Of Thyme * It's A Little More Like Heaven * Infamous Angel * Walking Tall In Donegal
CD3 * Learning To Say Goodbye * Violet And A Rose * Darling Days * If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child) * Home Is Where The Heart Is * Paper Mansions * Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long * These Are The Colours * Blue Are The Violets * A Teardrop On A Rose * Signed, Sealed And Delivered * Wishful Thinking * Make Somebody's Day * We Have Tried * I Would Like To See You Again * So Afraid Of Losing You Again * Friends

Code: CD302

Margo O'Donnell
DVD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Back Home To Donegal * The Hills That I Call Home * Rosslare Harbour * Don't Step On Mother's Roses * Dear God / Through The Eyes Of A Child * Boys In Blue * Please Mama Please * New Patches * Over The Years * Tipperary Far Away * Learning To Say Goodbye * James Connolly * Bonny Irish Boy * Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle * Pocketful Of Dreams * Highway Of My Life * Deepening Snow * I Still Miss Someone * Patches In Heaven * Paint Me A Picture Of Ireland * Fields Of Hope * The Road By The River * Time Changes Everything * The Third Man

Code: DVD320

Margo O'Donnell
The World Through My Eyes
CD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Here We Are Again Tonight * Stranger In My Town * Mansion On The Hill * He Played His Farewell Song * Fields Of Hope * The Years They Seemed Like Days * Priceless Possessions * Green Hills Of Slane * Rocky Shores Of Carna * Making Believe * Silver & Gold * I'll Hold Onto Your Coat * The Circle * May We All Someday Meet Again

Code: CD318

Margo O'Donnell
Songs For Mother
CD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Mama Say A Special prayer for Me * Take This Message To My Mother * The Blind Child * Patches In Heaven * The Lasy One I'll forget * Has Anyone Seen My Mama * A Mother's Prayer * Dust On Mother's Bible * Mother's Roses * All I Have For You Mum * Lonesome Mother's Call * Ireland Must Be Heaven * Whisper Your Mother's Name * Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair * Let Me Give Her The Flowers * Happy Birthday Mother

Code: CD316

Margo O'Donnell
Margo & Friends
CD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * God's Colouring Book (With Dolly Parton) * Hallelujah In My Heart (With Philomena Begley) * Wrong Direction Home (With Maura O'Connell) * With Silver Sandals (With Bill Owens) * Shade of The Family Tree (With Louis Owens) * Yes Mr Peters (With Larry Cunningham) * Golden Memories (With Philomena Begley) * It's Good To See You (With Isla Grant) * The Last One To Touch Me (With John McNicholl) * Husband Hunting (With Philomena Begley) * He Wished Me Merry Christmas (With Joe McShane) * Two's Company (With Daniel O'Donnell) * An Old Friend Like You (With Isla Grant) * As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone (With Larry Cunningham) * I See God (With Philomena Begley) * Don't Cry Joni (With Daniel O'Donnell)

Code: CD312

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