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New Releases
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Jimmy Buckley
The Essential Collection
Double CD Price £12.99

Tracks include: CD1 * From Here To The Moon And Back (Duet With Claudia) * Goin’ Through The Big D * If I Didn’t Have A Dime * My Woman, My Woman, My Wife * My Galway Queen * Do You Mind If I Step Into Your Dreams? * Remembering * With Half A Heart * Nothing Sure Looks Good On You * Diggy Liggy Lo * Tijuana Lady * The Kingdom I Call Home * Tennessee Border * Bad News * You Gave Me a Mountain * Johnny Cash Selection (I Got Stripes, Folsom Prison, Ring of Fire)
CD2 * Let's Go To Vegas * The Grand Tour (Duet With George Jones) * Flowers On The Wall (With The Three Amigos) * Give My Love To Rose * Roll Out The Red Carpet * Your Wedding Day * Daddy Danced * Rose Coloured Glasses * Noreen Bawn * Cottage By The Sea * I Told You So (Duet With Claudia Buckley) * Just Can’t Help Believin’ * The Trucker's Wallet * Danny Boy * The In Crowd * Blue Ridge Mountain Girl

Code: CD130

Philomena Begley & Ray Lynam
The Complete Duet Collection
2CD Set Price £9.99

Tracks include: CD1 * We Go Together * Never Grow Old * Just Someone I Used To Know * Silver Sandals * You're The One I Can't Live Without * Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man* We're Locking Up Each Souvenir * All These Little Things * Seeing Eye To Eye * We Believe In Each Other * Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark * You And Me, Him and Her * If You Were Mine * Mr & Mrs Used To Be * That's When My Baby Sings His Song * In The Vine * Anything's Better Than Nothing * My Elusive Dreams * We Found It * Take My Hand * We Love To Sing About Jesus * Heaven Help The People * We've Run Out Of Tomorrows
CD2 * You Don't Know Love * Simply Divine * Together Alone * Near You * Don't Step Over An Old Love * Making Plans * Sweetest Of All * I'll Never Need Another You * She Sang The Melody * Long As We're Dreaming * We're Gonna Hold On * Fire Of Two Old Flames * How's The World Treating You * Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark (New version)

Code: CD2072

Paddy O'Brien
The Paddy O'Brien Collection
3 CD Set Price £11.99

Tracks include: CD1 * Long Black Veil * Special Absent Friends * Hear The Wind Blow * Leaning On the Everlasting Arms * Many Mansions * Above And Beyond * Time Changes Everything * She Wears My Ring * Beautiful City * Springtime In Alaska * Walking Piece Of Heaven * Send Me No Roses * I'm A Fool * Ribbon Of Darkness * Crying Time * Mansion On The Hill
CD2 * Millers Cave * Pretty Brown Eyes * I'll Walk In The Rain * Mum And Dads Waltz * Heartaches By The Number * Some Days Are Diamonds * Gold Watch And Chain * She Thinks I Still Care * Little Cardboard Homes * Rich Man's Garden * Excuse Me I think I've Got A Heartache * I Still Miss Someone * So Afraid Of Losing You Again * I'm Moving On
CD3 * I Watched Her Smile * This Old House * It’ll be Her * Eileen * Lean on Me * Gone on the Other Hand * When I Close My Eyes * The Land Where You were Born * Sunday Kind of Country Kind of Love * She’s Just a Honky Tonk Girl * Little Isle of Green * Bed of Roses * Trying to Outrun the Wind * Only This Moment Is Mine

Code: CD100

Caitlin Collection
3CD Box Set Price £11.99

Tracks include: CD1* Three Leaf Shamrock * Galway Shawl * I Love You Still * I Couldn’t Leave You If I Tried * The Spinning Wheel * How I Love To Be Alone With You * Teenage Mothers * I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight * Any Town In Ireland Could Be Home * Silver & Gold * Rosslare Harbour * Moonlight On The Shannon * If I Had My Life To Live Over * A Couple More Years (Duet with Clive Culbertson)
CD2 * Sleep My Baby * The Maid Of marble Hill * The Key In The Mailbox * Coat Of Many Colours * Fool Around With Me * Homes Of Donegal * My Connemara Marble Ring * I’m Loving the Bottle Tonight * Billie Dale * Flower Of Scotland * Roads Of Kildare * Old Love Letters * Raglan Road
CD3 * Wild Flowers * Hometown On The Foyle * Dreaming My Dreams With You (duet with Clive Culbertson) * Summertime * Will Ye go Lassie Go * Just a Closer Walk * Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore * Mama and Papa's Waltz * He Thinks I Still Care * Say Goodbye * Molly Bawn * I Still Miss Someone * Sweet Sixteen * Childhood Memories

Code: CD16

Big Tom
The Ultimate Collection
Double CD Price £11.99

Tracks include: CD1 * The Same Way You Came In * GNR Steam Train * Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill * Mama's Roses * Grandfather Clock * Smoke Along The Track * Farside Banks Of Jordan * Gentle Mother * Connemara Shores * Let Me Go To Texas * I Love You Still * The Image Of Me * The Old Account * An Irish Nurse * Four Country Roads * Dim Lights * 4 Strong Winds * Lonesome At Your Table * Old Father Time * My Donegal Shore
CD2 * Where The Grass Grows The Greenest * Back To Castleblayney * Run To The Door * southern Dixie Flyer * If Teardrops Were Pennies * Pain Of Loving You * 5000 Miles From Sligo * Nothing I Can Do About It Now * She Thinks I Still Care * Tubbercurry * Jasons Farm * Cottage On The Border * Carroll County Accident * Old Log Cabin * Travels On * Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet * Teach Your Children * Broken Marriage Vows * Nobody's Darling * Forgiving You Was Easy

Code: CD027

Ally Harron & Marian Curry
Most Requested
DVD Price £11.99

Tracks include: * The One I'm Holding Now * Will You Travel Down This Road With Me * The Woman In The Moon * Solid As A Rock * Love Is All Over Me * An Old Love Turned Memory * Lovesick Blues * You've Got To Stand For Something * I Bet You My Heart * I'd Rather Have What We Had * Walking In The Sun * We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds * The Winder Winds

Code: DVD04


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