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New Releases
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Ray Lynam
The Essential
Double CD Price £9.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Back In Love By Monday * What A Lie * He Stopped Loving Her Today * You Win Again * Shower The People * To Be Lovers * Hold Her In Your Hand * I’ll Never Get Over You * Midnight Flight * Maybe This Time * Victim Of Life’s Circumstances * Fewer Threads Than These * Rose In Paradise * When I Had A Home To Go To * I’ve Loved You All Over The World * Sweet Music Man
CD2 * Gypsy Joe And Me * Girls Women And Ladies * Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile * The Gambler * Beautiful Women * You Put The Blue In Me * Rainy Days And Stormy Nights * The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulders * Speak Softly, You’re Talking To My Heart * Smile If It Kills Ya * A Bed For The Night * From Now On * Wintertime * Home Away From Home * Time I Don’t Want To See Another Town

Code: CD036

Shaun Loughrey
The Ultimate Collection
3DVD Box Set Price £13.99

Tracks Include: DVD1 * Back Home To You * What's This World a Comin' To * Galway girl * Someone From Home * Love Is All That Matters * The Rock And The Pillar * Say It Again * Wild Mountain Flowers * Before The Next Teardrop falls * It Still Takes A Woman To Build You A House * Say goodbye * Galway Bay
DVD2 * Medley: Johnny Cash * Father And Bride * Locklins Bar * Hills Of Donegal * Paddy * Big Iron * Bandy The Rodeo Clown * He Stopped Loving Her Today * Pretty Little Girl From Omagh * Waltz Medley Galway Shawl / The Boys From The County Armagh / My Own Donegal * Long Black Veil * Old Photographs
DVD3 * Keep Me In Your Prayers Tonight * Love Me When I'm Old * Look At Us * I Just Want My Baby Back * Until You Have Walked In My Shoes * It's Me Who Loves Ya Baby * Irish Medley * Cottage By The Sea * The Black Sheep * Elvis Medley * Don Williams Medley * Seventies Medley

Code: DVD124

Nathan Carter
Beautiful Life
CD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Wagon Wheel * Where I Wanna Be * Caledonia * Boat To Liverpool * Beautiful Lie * Call You Home * Saw You Running * Lay Down Beside Me * One For The Road * On The Other Side * Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off * Drift Away * Welcome To The Weekend

Code: CD12

Mike Denver
Morning Sun & Memories
3CD Box Set Price £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Morning Sun & Memories * Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor * Some Girls Will Some Girls Won’t * I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You * Dance Tonight * Kentish Town Waltz * A Walk In The Irish Rain * Yellow Submarine * The Streets Of New York * Haunted House * Tommy K The DJ * Best Of Friends * Whiskey In The Jar * Bossa Nova Baby
CD2 * Still Feeling Blue * Boston Rose * No More Phone Calls * Paddy * Gentle On My Mind * Katie Daly * Knowing You’ll Be There * Run That By Me One More Time * 7 Drunken Nights * Gods Plan * I Want To Be In Ireland For The Summer * John O’Reilly (The Day Of My Return) * How We Got Coutry
CD3 * Wasn’t That A Party * Funny Feeling * Why * Thank God For The Radio * The Time That God Sends * What Colour Is The Wind * Remember Me * Knowing You’ll Be There * You’re My Best Friend * Honey * Beautiful Sunday * The Rose Of Mooncoin * Making Memories Of Us * Seven Drunken Nights

Code: CD340

All proceeds from this product are given to Stockdales, Manchester- Helping adults and Children with learning difficulties

The Irish Music Lounge 2014
2CD & DVD Set Price £11.99


Tracks Include: CD1 * Boat To Liverpool (Eddie Gallagher) * Highway To Nowhere (Kenny Paul) * England's Motorways (Caitlin) * Buddy & Me (John Hogan) * Rose In Her Hair (Liam Mannering) * Red Is The Rose (Mary Duff) * The Bells Of The Angels (Billy Mcfarland) * Party Mix (Shaun Loughrey) * Best You'll Do Tonight (Philip English) * Conways 3 (Anthony Mcbrien) * Letter To Grandma (Ollie Kennedy) * Blue Boy (Tony Wall) * T J Stuart (The Man Who Calms The Sea) * Rambling House (Frank Nelson) * Tipperary Girl (Noel Flynn) * Long Gone Are The Days (Michael Coyne) * Blue Kilkenny Eyes (Pat Jordan) * Broken Engagement (Jason Mcgilligan) * Carmelita (Jason Travers) * Comedy Sketch (Lee Roy James)
CD2 * Galway Fiddler (Philip English) * In My Father's House (John Hogan) * Streets Of * Heaven (Carmel Sheerin) * Someday You'll Call My Name (Eddie Gallagher) * Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry (Frank Nelson) * Slosh Medley (Jason Travers) * Come With Me Molly (Liam Mannering) * Molly Bawn (Caitlin) * 18 Yellow Roses (Kenny Paul) * Lili Marlene (Mary Duff) * Don Williams Medley (Shaun Loughrey) * Rosa Rio (Tony Wall) * The Heart That Beats In Ireland (Noel Flynn) * Up Ya Boy Ya (Lee Roy James) * St Anne's Reel (Jason Mcgilligan) * Squeezebox In Mullingar Town (Ollie Kennedy) * Jim Reeves Story (Billy Mcfarland
DVD: * Flower Of Scotland (Caitlin) * My Guiding Light (Noel Flynn) * Take Me Dancin' (Philip English) * I Will Love You All My Life (Liam Mannering) * Blowing In The Wind (T J Stuart) * Lovely Laois (Pat Jordan) * Broken Engagement (Jason Mcgilligan) * The Blacksheep (Shaun Loughrey) * I Can Hear It All Now (Frank Nelson) * The Way Old Friends Do (Kenny Paul) * High On A Hilltop (Eddie Gallagher) * Comedy Sketch (Lee Roy James) * Now Is The Hour (Mary Duff)

Code: CD/DVD03

Mary Duff
Live In Concert
DVD & CD Set Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * I'm From The Country * Heartaches By The Number * Deep Water * Love Someone Like Me * Lough Sheelin And My Home * San Antone Rose * Michael * Everybody's Somebody's Fool * Lipstick On Your Collar * Red Is The Rose * Hey Lord It's Me * Tom Duff: Cronins Hornpipe * The Boys Of Blue Hill * Lili Marlene * White Cliffs Of Dover * Yours * When The Lights Go On Again * I'll Pray For You * Now Is The Hour * We'll Meet Again

Code: DVD201

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