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New Releases
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Michelle Magee
From The Heart
CD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Born To Run * I'll Still Love You More * Coat Of Many Colours * Take A Piece Of My Heart * Folsom Prison Blues * Today I Started Loving You Again * Good Hearted Woman * Jolene * Redneck Woman * Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad


Code: CD02

Country Music & Me
CD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Act Naturally * Daddy Frank * Amarillo By Morning * I'm A Lonesome Fugitive * That Summer * Ho Hey * I Think She Likes Me * Wanted * Working Man Blues * I Saw God Today * That's Important To Me * One More Last Chance

Code: CD02

Ciaran Rosney
Country At Heart
CD Price £10.99

Tracks Include: * You’ve Got To Stand For Something * Willie’s Shoes * When It’s Gone * When I Called Your Name * Solid Ground * 15 Years Ago * Me & Julio * Written In Stone * Precious Time * Blue Kilkenny Eyes * Never Got Over You * Pencil Full Of Lead * It Doesn’t Matter Anymore * Promised Land

Code: CD02

Kelly Lee
Reverend Kelly Lee
CD Price £9.99

Tracks Include: * Please Come Down To Me * Take Me For Who I Am * He Touched Me * I Watch The Sunrise * The Man * Please Forgive Me * Joy Comes In The Morning * Me Without You * Where Do I Go From Here * I Never Knew * I Found The Lilly In My Valley * Yes I Know

Code: CD02

Infamous Angel
CD Price £10.99

Tracks Include: * Sweet Heart Darling Of Mine * Bright Blue Rose * After The Ball * Praying For Me * Men Of Worth * Come My Little Son * Living In These Troubled Times * Cheating Fire * You Aint Dolly (Duet With Joe Moore) * Erins Lovely Shore * Infamous Angel * Streets Of Promise * Christmas Eve In Ireland

Code: CD20

Nathan Carter
Beautiful Life
CD Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Wagon Wheel * Where I Wanna Be * Caledonia * Boat To Liverpool * Beautiful Lie * Call You Home * Saw You Running * Lay Down Beside Me * One For The Road * On The Other Side * Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off * Drift Away * Welcome To The Weekend

Code: CD12

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