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The Essential Collection
Double CD & DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * In My Own Way * It Won't Be You * Too Sad To Say Goodbye * Three's A Crowd * All Of My Life For You * Heartache * What Is It All About? * Never Say Don't * Doubt * What Have You Done To Me * When Will I See You Again? * Hanging On Forever

CD2 * One Of Them's For Real * Waiting On Your Own All Night For Me * All In My Mind * That's Life * Exceptional * Pot Of Gold * Fragile * Like A Thief * Back On My Feet Again * Nothing To Say * Take Me By Surprise * America

DVD * 10 track live DVD plus 3 promo Videos including his hit song, "America"

Code: CD03

CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Dance With God * You Don't Seem To Love Me * When The Lights Go Down * Over You Yet * Burns Like Fire * My Life And I * Where Have You Been * You Make Me Blue * Skin Deep * Who's That Playing * Too Far To Reach * Angels Come To Take You

Code: CD02


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