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Collection Volume 2
3CD Box Set £11.99

Tracks include: CD1 * Picture Of My World * Good Bye Johnny Dear * Really Like To See You One More Time * Each Season Changes You * Now I'm Sixty Four * The Same Sweet Girl * The World Turned To Ashes * Ole Man Trouble * Green Hills Are Rollin' Still * The Sweetest Thing * The Star Of Donegal * A Little Bit Of A Tear * Kelly's Mountain Dew * My Native Town Drumlish

CD2 * Part Of The Journey * With This Ring * In Your Arms * I Really Don't Want To Know * Anna From Fermanagh * Gotta Get Up In The Morning * Loveley Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle * Honky Tonk Girl * Blue Side Of Lonesome *Born To Hang * Half As Much * Cottage On The Borderline * Tonight We Might Just Fall In Love Again * Love Me

CD3 * Let's Dance * I Go To Pieces 03. Come Home To You * I Love You Still * Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age * The Kingdom Of Kerry * Nothing Can Hurt You, Like Someone You Love * Come With Me Molly * Dear Judge, Divorce * You Are Out Doing, What I'm Here Doing Without * Walkin' A Fine Line

Code: CD19

Collection Volume 1
3CD Box Set £11.99

Tracks include: CD1 * Back Home In Co Antrim * Will You Love Me That Way * Sing The Blues To Daddy * Your Wanting Me Is Gone * The Sea Cruise * Big Hat No Cattle * Brennan On The Moor * The One And Only * Crazy In Love With You * Just A Little Too Much * Blazing Star Of Athenry * Do You Wanna Do It * The The Hills Of Inishowen * Good Night & God Bless

CD2 * Three Way Love Affair * If I Could Only Start Over * Someday You'll Call My Name * Sweet Rathcoole * Gallant John Jo * Winter Winds * Nobody's Child * I'm Just Lucky I Guess * Sprig Of Irish Heather * Marquee In Drumlish * Morningtown Ride * Dear Old Galway * Hi Lili Hi Low * Beautiful Meath

CD3 * Walkin' On New Grass * Among The Wicklow Hills * I Found My Girl In The Usa * Give An Irish Girl To Me * North To Alaska * Just Call Me Lonesome From Now On * Stand At Your Window * Crazy Dreams * Tipperary On My Mind * Never Agin Will I Knock On Your Door * I Still Miss Someone * I'd Rather Love And Lose You * A World Of Our Own * Molly Bawn

Code: CD18

One More Kiss
CD £11.99

Tracks include: * Give Me One More Kiss * Should Have Asked’er Faster * Waltzing On Top Of The World * Girl Called Catherine Ann * Don’t Tell Me What To Do * Fools Like Me * Things Are Changing Fast * The Night You Waltzed Into My Heart * Wheres The Party * Pat Murphys Meadow * Ballad Of Big Tom * Lough Gowans Lovely Shore

Code: CD14

Where's The Party
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Where's The Party * Lough Gowna Lovely Shore * The Night You Waltzed Into My Heart * Girl Called Catherine Ann * I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me * Rosie Donahue * Waltzing On Top Of The World * This Little Spot * Back Home In Roscommon * Never Take You Back Again * Give Me One More Kiss * Things Are Changing Fast * All Friends Together * No More Lonely * Pat Murphy's Meadow * Wheels

Code: DVD116

Nerney's Gold
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Marquee In Drumlish * Gotta Get Up In The Morning * Hooley In The Sun * I Don’t Need A Picture * Three Way Love Affair * Sea Cruise * Lucky I Guess * Rosie Donoghue * Anna From Fermanagh * Stop The World * Let’s Dance * Nobody’s Child * Sweet Rathcoole * Gallant John Joe * Galway John * Kingdom Of Kerry * Hi Lili Hi Lo * Part Of The Journey * All Friends Together * Picture Of My World * Walking On New Grass * Come With Me Molly


Code: CD12

Stop The World
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Stop The World * The Lassies From Belmullet And The Boys From Castlebar * Your Wanting Me Is Gone * Brennan On The Moor * Blazing Star Of Athenry * Highway To Nowhere * Music And County Clare * Barry And Dunne * Sing The Blues To Daddy * Walk On By * Take This Job And Shove It * Galway John * The Bould Thady Quill * A Little Too Much * Sea Cruise * My Own Flesh & Blood * Goodnight And Godbless * Hooley In The Sun

Code: DVD701

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