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Greatest Hits
2CD £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Boat To Liverpool * Friday At The Dance * When The Robins Come Home * Lucky Horseshoe * Derry Maiden * Green Fields Of Ireland * Home To My Fermanagh * Blue Hills Of Breffni * Red Haired Mary * Red River Valley * Rose Of Moray * I Am The Lord * High On A Hilltop * Some Day You'll Call My Name * The Plains Of Old Kildare * A Million Memories * Two Rooms And A Kitchen * Shelly's Winter Love * Caledonia

CD2 * Walking On The Waves * China Doll * I Can't Say I Love You * Golden Dreams * The Brightest Road * Someone From Home * Part Of Me * Send Me The Pillow / New Patches / Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again * Noreen Bawn * Out To California * Lights Of Home * Donegal You Are My County * I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me * Pretty Brown Eyes * A Couple More Years * The Dancer * Streets Of Promise

Code: CD10

2 New Albums plus classic Boat To Liverpool
3CD Set £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Walking On The Waves * China Doll * Give My Love To Rose * The Only Fire That Burns * Second Hand Heart * A Couple More Years * Fighting Side 0f Me * The Dancer * Paddy And The Yank * Little Ole Wine Drinker Me * Her House On The Hill * Streets Of Promise

CD2 * You Cared For Someone * Sweetest Of All * Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You * Pretty Brown Eyes * Will You Travel Down This Road With Me * Turn Out The Lights * (& Love Me Tonight) * Till My Prison Time Is Trough * Red River Valley * I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me * In My Heart

CD3 * Can I Take Your Daughter's Hand * The Lucky Horse Shoe * Life Is A River * Forgiving You Was Easy * Old Love Letters * Run Around Angel * Someone From Home * On The Boat To Liverpool * Part Of Me (Will Always Be In Love With You) * Leighann Loves To Dance * Out To California * The Lights Of Home

Code: CD08

The Essential Collection
3CD Set £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * From Ireland To Chicago * Blue Hills Of Breffni * Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain * Green Fields Of Ireland * I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand * Sweet Forget-Me-Not * Wings To Fly Me High * Loch Melvin's Rocky Shore * Crying My Heart Out Over You * My Heart's In Donegal * If I Could Only Start Over * Come With Me Into My World

CD2 * The Harvest Moon * Old Photographs * Across The Blue Sea * Help Me Make It Through The Night * After All These Years * Black Velvet Band * Heartache On Me * I'll Be There To love You * She Thinks I still Care * Heartaches By The number

CD3 * I Am The Lord * Some Day You'll Call My Name * The Gipsy * Turn Me Around * Beginning Of Goodbye * Maria's Heading Out To California High On A hilltop * Flying Home To Ahelow * Mama's Prayer * The Hard Times That loving Can bring * A Generation on

Code: CD06


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