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20 Years Celebration
2CD Box Set £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Party In The Barn * The Road To A Friends House * Star Wars In Donegal 8 Home * The Slimming Song * Down On The Farm * Truck Drivin Man * Tinkers Poitin 8 In My Next Life * Truck Drivers Queen * What A Beautiful Day * Colleen Mallone * The Roots Of My Raising * A Farmer With A Digger 8 I Am Farmer Dan

CD2 * My Dungspreader * Welcome As The Flowers In May * I Love My Juggernaught * I'm Having A Bit Tonight * Working Man Blues * Keep Er' Lit * Hooley In The Barn * The Viagra Song * Seven Old Ladies * Papa's Wagon * I Believe In Marriage * Me Little Suzuki Jeep * An Irish Harvest Day * Down On The Old Farmyard * 21 Acres * John Deere Tractor Keys * Me Little Ferguson * Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms * The Jolly Farmer * Murphy's Dancin Pig

Code: CD25

Where's the Pothole Patrol
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * Where's The Pothole Patrol * The Farmer Wants A Wife * Eastbound & Down * A Heart That Will Never Break Again * Scania 164 * Streets Of Promise * When Country Came To Town To Find A Wife * The Working Man * On The Road Again *Waltz Of The Angels * Truckers Wallet * The Ballyshannon Buckaroo * Cinderella's Gonna Have Herself A Ball * California Cottonfields * I Useta Love Her * The Man Who Loved Me First * The Gambler, Blanket On The Ground, Take Me Home Country Roads

Code: CD24

The Tractor Boys
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * First Impressions * Mama's Farm * Oh No Not You Again * The Farm No Longer Pays * On This Your Special Day * My Mother * The Old Barn * The Village Fool * On The Market * Life Goes Fast * Where Does The Good Times Go * The Passing Of Time * Eaten Bread Is Soon Forgotten * Seven Miles (To Your House) * Donkey Talkin' Fool * Slip The Clutch * The Tractor Boys

Code: CD23

Hit The Diff
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * The Tinkers Life * Where Did You Meet Her * Food On The Table * Best Part Of The Day Is Night * Tommy K The Dj * My Connemara Marble Ring * The Travellers Daughter * Hit The Diff * My Irish Homestead * Rosie Please Don't Cry * The Frying Pan Song * The Msassey 135 * A House A Home *The Blackboard Of My Heart * Hanging Out Hanging In * I Cry Everytime I Leave Ireland * Friday At The Dance

Code: CD21

Uncut & Live
DVD £10.99

Tracks Include: * A Beautiful Time * Thank God I'm A Country Boy * Out Behind The Barn * Catch Me If You Can * Buck Owens * My Welly Boots Song * A Couple More Years * Sweetest Of All * If You Should Come Back Today * Full Time Full * The John Deere Tractor * My Little Massey * My Granny Was A Plucker * Joke * The Farmer's Daughter * Behind Closed Doors * Don't Touch My Willy * Joke * Mama Tried * Ramblin Fever * Back In Love Love By Monday * Love Me * He Stopped Loving Her Today * Always On My Mind * Amarillo * Pretty Woman * Rivers Of Babylon * Knock 3 Times * Beautiful Sunday * Amarillo * Encore The Auctioneer

Code: DVD22

The John Deere Letter
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Stoney Mountain * West Virginia * The Roots Of My Raisin' * The John Deere Letter * In My Next Life * Down On The Farm * The Farmers Waltz * Rip It Up * Back Home To County Down * I'm In The Doghouse * Friday Night Rockin' * Take My Hand * If I Could Only Have You One Last Time * The New Going Out Is Staying In * The Dance * When You Get To Heaven, Cottage In The Country * Those John Deere Tractor Keys * Stand On It Truckin' Man * Daddy Played The Banjo

Code: CD20

Putting The Craic Into Country
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Charlie Brown * The Old Man On The Porch * Me And My Dungspreader * The Games People play * I Love The Smell Of Silage * The Cow Kicked Nellie in The Belly In The Barn * Tipperary So far Away * Midlands Of Ireland * Come On Dance * When You Leave That way You Can Never Go Back * Wagon Wheel * Nancy Spain * Drink Up Ye Cider * Down On The Old Farmyard * Our house Is A Home * New Holland Tractor * Out On This Old Farm

Code: CD19

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