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The Country Collection
2CD £9.99

Tracks Include: CD
* Pat Lynam's Country Dance * Johnny Loughrey , The Voice Of Country Music * The Gallant John Joe * Tipperary's Louise Morrissey * Mizzell The Country King * Mick Flavin From Drumlish * We Love You More Each Day

CD * Forgiving You Is Easy * Only Just One Line * Among The Wicklow Hills * Wild Flowers * Little Old Mud Cabin * Swingin' Doors * Star Queen Of Old Donegal (Tribute To Margo) * This World Is Not My Home * West Limerick Years Ago * Picture Of Your Mother * My Donegal * Isle Of Innisfree * Your Love I Could Buy * Mike Denver Tribute

Code: CD05

Cold Hard Facts Of Life
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * He Played That Tune (Tribute To Michael Commins ) * Cold Hard Facts Of Life * Destination Donegal * All I Have To Offer You Is Me * Sweetheart And My Friend * Slopes Of Old Knockdown * Three Leaved Shamrock * Before I Met You * Galway Bay * Wild Side Of Life * Rooskagh’s Ramblin’ Man ( Tribute To Tom Mccarthy) *The Passing Of time * Ballingarry’s Own Murt Downes (Tribute To Murt Downes)

Code: CD04


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