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Walking In The Sunshine
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * When The World Has Turned You Down * Little Country Boy * Life Goes So Fast * The Old Guitar * Did She Mention My Name * We Will Meet Again (Feat, Sandy Kelly) * If I Had You To Have And To Hold * Tequila Sheila Come Home To You * Fightin’ Side Of Me (Feat. Matt Leavy) * Walking In The Sunshine * When A Man Can’t Get A Woman Off His Mind

Code: CD44

A New Moon Over My Shoulder
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * A New Moon Over My Shoulder * Joseph Built The Cradle * If Those Lips Could Only Speak * If You Are Going To Walk I'm Gonna Crawl * Talking To The Wrong Man * Gene Autry My Hero * Don't She Look Good When She Smiles * Sing Me Back Home * Battle Hymn Of Love * You're Still On My Mind * Walking In The Sunshine * Lucille

Code: CD43

Second Hand Heart
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Second Hand Heart * When A Man Can't Get A Woman Off His Mind * Livin' In A House Full Of Love * Lefty Was Right After All * Another Day Gone * Old Home In Mayo * Dixie Road * Cottage On The Borderline * The Boxer * All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down * One Step At A Time * Why You Been Gone So Long * Bonus Track That Christmassy Feelin' Again

Code: CD42

Good Country Songs
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Long Sermon * You should Have More Respect for The Dead * Union Mare * Write this Down * Come On in (With Matt Leavy) * Is Anybody Going To San Antone * Much Too Young * Mayo will Always Be home * Two Lovin' Hearts * You Can't Take It With you When You go * Give Me A Good Country song I Can Dance To * Kentucky Gambler * Jacob's Ladder * It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere (With Mike Denver) * Corcoran From Mayo

Code: CD41

A Hard Act To Follow
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * A Hard Act To Follow * Busted * Guys Like Me * Carroll County Accident * Look At Us * Jesse James * I Never Go Around Mirrors * The Lucky Horseshoe * If This Old House Could Talk * Shut Up Heart * Someone From Home * Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Code: CD01


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