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CD1 * If We Make It Through December (Mike Denver) * Boat To Liverpool (Nathan Carter) * Dreamers & Believers (Derek Ryan) * Circles (Louise Morrissey) * Lonesome 77203 (Declan Nerney) * Ireland’s Turning Country (Jim Devine) * The Last Thing On My Mind (Johnny Brady) * Jacob’s Ladder (Gerry Guthrie) * In The Glow Of The Night (Lisa Mchugh) * Save The Last Dance For Me (Keith Mcdonald) My Wild Irish Rose (John Mcnicholl) * Mirror On The Wall (Lee Matthews) * Winterland By Night (Billy Mcfarland) * I Don’t Want The Money (Michael English) * How Far Is Heaven (Margo) * I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home (Mick Flavin) * Say You Love Me (Robert Mizzell) * I’m The Lucky One (Stephen Smyth) * Happy Days (Crystal Swing) * Some Days You Gotta Dance (The Conquerors) * Seashore’s Of Old Mexico (Paddy O’Brien) * Big Iron (Shaun Loughrey) * Old Friends Are Best (Trudi Lalor)

CD2 * It’s An Old Love Thing (Ally Harron & Marian Curry) * Mamas Radio (Anthony Mcbrien) * I Won’t Forget You (Brendan Lee Band) * Hell On Heels Cathy (Mcgovern & C.C Cooper) * Where Do You Take A Broken Heart (Chuck Owens) * Just To See You Smile (Chris Loughrey) * No Where Train (Grainne Gavagian) * The Treasured Memories (Frank Nelson & Big Tom) * Picture On The Wall (Gary Gamble) * You Go Around (Bernie Heaney) * Tennessee Border (Ray Murtagh) * Promise To John (Fhiona Ennis & Thomas Maguire) * When My Blue Moon Turns Gold Again (Jason Mcgilligan) * Fourteen Caret Mind (Joe Moore) * Making Up (Justin Mcgurk) * To Whom It Concerns (Johnny Carroll) * So In Love (Paul Kelly) * The Glencarn Mighty Dance Floor (PJ Keenan) * Daddy’s Girl (T.R Dallas) * I’m Not As Young As I Once Was (Ryan Turner) * Hot Country (Ritchie Remo) * Sweet Sixteen (Caitlin) * Home Away From Home (Seamus Moore) * Walk Tall (Shawn Cuddy) * Pretty Brown Eyes (Slim Attraction) * That Good Ole Country Song (The Davitt Country Band)

CD3 * The Parting (Alan Kelly) * Musical Friends (Bachelors In Trouble) * Come On In (Ben Curry) * I’ll Be There (Carmel Silver) * I’ll Be There (Dianne Cannon) * The Girl I Love Now Lives In Birmingham (Eamon Jackson) * Mother’s Rocking Chair (Eimear Furlong) * Dano Hara & The Westmeath Batchelor (Finbarr Lehane) * Can You Feel It (Garth Pritchard) * Beautiful Time (Jason Travers) * Never Fall (John Garrity) * Across The Blue Sea (John Glenn) * Suds In The Bucket (Lee Ann S) * The Rambling House (Mary Pendergast) * When Was The Last Time (Melissa Hamilton) * On The Road Again (Michael Collins) * Nothing I Can Do About It Now (Misty) * Oopsy Daisy (Niamh Mcglinchey) * Hillbilly Girl (Nikita) * Georgies Hall (PJ. Reilly) * Garden Of Our Lives (Peter Mccloskey) * Big Tom Tribute (Sean Brennan) * Your No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine (Shay O’Callaghan) * The One I Loved Back Then (Simon Peters) * The Best Part Of The Day Is The Night (The Outlaws) * The Wexford Latchio (Tom Power)

CD 4 * Home Away From Home (Aidan Quinn) * Blue Kentucky Girl (Aine Crehan) * That Don’t Bother Me (Alana Quinn) * Maybe Not Today (Anne Biddy) * I Can’t Go Hunting With You Jake (Ed Sweeney) * As She’s Walking Away (Brian Lawlor) * Crying My Heart Out Over You (Conor Duffy) * Portstewart Bay (Dan Mchugh) * Crystal Chandeliers (Dave Allen) * Working Man (David Craig) * Down To The River (David Mcnamee) * Sunday Morning Coming Down (Trevor Dixon) * TR Dallas Song (Eddie Lee) * In My Fathers Arms (Francis Donnelly) * Childhood Memories (Hugh Mcgonagle) * Why Don’t You Listen To The Children (Jenna Sloane) * Off The Kuff Band Your Love Is A Miracle (John Dolan) * The Walls Of This Old Honky Tonk (Karl Kilpatrick) * Old Time Fiddle (Malcolm Fisher) * The Right Place (Marty Daniels) * Lets Fall Apart (Matt Levy) * Louisiana Saturday Night (Paul Mccahill) * Second Hand Heart (Albert Cunningham) * Real Old Fashioned Broken Heart (Thomas Milligan) * He’ll Have To Go (Tony Wall)

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