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CD1 * A Rose Is For Today (Roly Daniels) * Irish Heart (Owen Mac) * Red Haired Mary (Eddie Gallagher) * Red Is The Rose (Charlie Landsborough Featuring Caitlin) * All I Have Today (Louise Morrissey) * Johnny Brown (Bernie Heaney) * Woodcarver (T J Stuart Featuring Brenda Mulgrew) * Angel Flying (Chris Logue) Too Close To The Ground * Marie's Wedding (David Craig) * It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere (John Rafferty Featuring Johnny Brady) * Noreen Bawn (Philip English) * Elvis Medley (Shaun Loughrey) * Carmelita (Jason Travers) * He Drinks Tequila (Brenda Mulgrew) * Fields Of Athenry (Frank Mccaffrey) * Wagon Wheel (Trevor Loughrey) * Scotland Forever (Janey Kirk) * Shamrock City (Liam Mannering) * Magnolia Wind (Billy Mcfarland Featuring Triona Allen) * Ten Guitars (Kenny Paul)

CD2 * Sing For Philly (Matthew O'donnell Featuring Mick Flavin, Mike Denver & Declan Nerney) * The Ferryman (Stage 3) * Rich Man's Garden (Paddy O'brien) * Everybody's Somebody's Fool (Mary Duff) * Tribute To Johnny Loughrey (George Langan) * Black Raleigh Bike (Frank Nelson) * It's You, It's You, It's You (Joe Dolan) * You're Some Trucker (Liam Kelly) * Secret Of Living (John Hogan) * Grandma's Feather Bed (Honky Tonk Angels) * Some Days Are Diamonds (Kenny Paul) * Sunnyside Of The Mountain (Frank Kilbride) * Yesterday Once More (Kim Dickinson) * Fool's Castle (Simon Donegan) * A Million Memories (Eddie Gallagher) * Working Man (Bonnie Stewart) * My Irish Colleen (T J Stuart) * Dance With Me Nancy (Ollie Kennedy) * Schoolday's Over (Rake The Ashes) * Borrowed Angel (John Rafferty

CD3 * Lay Down Beside Me (Bernie Heaney) * Limerick You're A Lady (Joe Dolan) * Truck Drivin' Woman (Patrcia Maguire) * Love Me When I'm Old (Shaun Loughrey) * Four Strong Winds (Kenny Paul) * Island Of Dreams (Janey Kirk) * The Chair (Chris Logue) * Mizzell The Country King (George Langan) * The Craic Was 90 (David Craig) * So Much Music, So Little Time (Noel Briody) * I Still Love You (Jason Travers) * Apartment No 9 (Honky Tonk Angels) * Never Grow Old (Billy Mcfarland) * I Watched Her Smile (Paddy O'Brien) * Mary From Dungloe (Brenda Mulgrew) * My Son (Frank Mccaffrey) * Blowing In The Wind (T J Stuart) * Take Me Back To Tulsa (Ed Sweeney) * Dog River Blues (Matthew O'Donnell) * Best You'll Do Tonight (Philip English)

CD 4 * Long Black Veil (Paddy O'Brien) * You Can Let Go Now Daddy (Patricia Maguire) * 18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses (Bernie Heaney) * Tipperary's Louise Morrissey (George Langan) * The Creamery (Noel Briody) * Thanks To You (Matthew O'Donnell) * Absent Friends (Billy Mcfarland) * Foolish Fish (Frank Nelson) * Galway Fiddler (Philip English) * Irish Selection (Kieran Towey) * Black Is The Colour (Rake The Ashes) * Rosin On The Bow (T J Stuart) * Wasn't That A Party (Trevor Loughrey) * The Tender Years (Liam Kelly) * I'll Be Home Soon (John Hogan Featuring Lisa Stanley) * Plains Of Old Kildare (Eddie Gallagher) * Step It Out Mary (Liam Mannering) * God Bless Ireland (Frank Kilbride) * Coalminer's Daughter (Patricia Maguire) * San Antone Rose (Mary Duff)

Bonus DVD * The Ferryman (Stage 3) * Rosie (Bernie Heaney) * North To Alaska (Kenny Paul) * Keys In The Mailbox (Patricia Maguire & Mother) * Love Me When I'm Old (Shaun Loughrey) * Love Song Of The Waterfall (Roger Tibbs) * You Never Learned To Dance (Tom Laverty) * Sunnyside Of The Mountain (Frank Kilbride) * Go Rest High On That Mountain (John Rafferty) * Magnolia Wind (Billy Mcfarland & Triona Allen)

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