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CD1 * One And Only Girl From Donegal (Bonnie Stewart) * Family Bible (Chuck Owners) * Mike Denver Tribute (George Langan) * 3 Wooden Crosses (David O'Reilly) * Flower Of Scotland (Caitlin) * Big Iron (Johnny Loughrey) * Nancy Whisky (Brier) * The Auld Triangle (Rake The Ashes) * Amazing Grace (Honky Tonk Angels) * I Loved Her First (John Rafferty) * Beautiful Meath (Jason Travers) * Katy Daly (Trevor Loughrey) * Seeing Is Believing (Paddy O'Brien) * Carrickfergus (Ollie Austin) * Truckers Wallet (Jimmy Buckley) * There Never Was A Pal Like Mother (Philomena Begley) * My Mother's Home (Eileen King) * I Will Love You All My Life (Paul Donnelly) * Ave Maria (Joe Dolan) * Queen Of The Silver Dollar (Janey Kirk)

CD2 * Cottage On The Old Dungannon Road (Kenny Paul) * Destination Donegal (Patricia Maguire) * Snow Flake (Tony Wall) * Nancy Miles (Bonnie Stewart) * Wings To Fly Me High (Eddie Gallagher) * Sing A Family Song (Chris Logue) * Loving Arms (Brenda Mulgrew) * Blowing In The Wind (TJ Stuart) * OFT In The Silly Night (Billy Mcfarland) * Hills Of Conemara (Bernie Heaney) * Galway Bay (Eamon Mccann) * Roads Of Kildare (Seamus Moore) * Shamrock And Heather (Liam Kally) * Mama's Got A Squeezebox (Frank Nelson) * Marie's Weddiing (David Craig) * 5.000 Miles From Sligo (Thersa Rodgers) * Will You Walk With Me (Liam Mannering) * Going Back To Ireland Again (Johnny Loughrey) * Pamela Brown (Shaun Loughrey)

CD3 * Billy Dale (Caitlin) * Sunshine On My Shoulders (John Hogan) * Ramblin Rose (Billy Mcfarland) * Working Man (Bernie Heaney) * A Few Old Boys (Chris Logue & Eamon Mccann) * Deep Water (Mary Duff) * Beer & The Bible (Seamus Moore) * Walking Piece Of Heaven (Jimmy Buckley) * On The Moor (Brier Brennan) * Long Road Without A Turn (Eamon Mccann) * Best Friend In Heaven (Noel Briody) * Jeannie Norman (Ollie Austin) * Thanks To You (Matthew O'donnell) * Go Rest High On That Mountain (John Rafferty) * The Road To A Friend's House (Kenny Paul) * Midnight To Moonlight (Liam Mannering) * Working Man (Bonnie Stewart) * The Hanging Tree (Paddy O'brien) * Tonight In Camden Town (Theresa Rodgers) * The Dance (Trevor Loughrey)

CD 4 * Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark (Ollie Austin) * Diggi, Liggi Li (Jimmy Buckley) * The Hand That Leads Me (Clair Knox) * Our Lady Of Knock (Patricia Maguire) * Lonesome Number One (Johnny Loughrey) * Miller's Cave (Shaun Loughrey) * Come By The Hills (Louise Morrissey) * Boston Rose (Kenny Paul) * Lifeboat Mona (Rake The Ashes) * The Voice Of Country Music (George Langan Johnny Loughrey) * Willie Nelsons Bus (Frank Nelson) * The Lights Of Home (Eddie Gallagher) * Grandfathers Clock (The Singing Brickie) * Country Roads (Janey Kirk) * Welcome To My World (Tony Wall) * Fool Such As I (Liam Mannering) * Secret Love (Joe Dolan) * Home To Glenamaddy (Jason Travers) * Irish Eyes (Paul Donnelly) * To Daddy (Theresa Rodgers)

Bonus DVD * When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back (Ollie Austin) * Paint The Town (Bernie Heaney) * The Road To A Friends House (Kenny Paul) * Honky Tonks (Chuck Owens) * Cottage On The Old Dungannon Road (Kenny Paul) * You're Some Trucker (Liam Kelly) * More And More (Joe Dolan) * A Best Friend In Heaven (Noel Briody) * The Old Man And His Fiddle (Paddy O'Brien) * Schooldays Over (Rake The Ashes) * Living In These Troubles Times (Brenda Mulgrew) * Shanagolden (Theresa Rodgers) * Welcome To My World (Johnny Loughrey) * The Wind Beneath My Wings (Ollie Austin)


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