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Early Memories
3CD Set £11.99



Tracks Include: CD * Listen To The Children * It's Been A Long Time * Mothers Chair * God Please Forgive Me * Mother * The Keeper Of My Heart * Life's Storybook Cover * The Ghosts Of Culloden * There's Nothing New I'm Missing You * Like Leaves In The Wind * Cottage In The Country * Dark Deep Rolling Water * Scotland You Are In My Heart Forever * Precious Lord Please Lead Me * Till The Day That He Met You * My Homeland

CD * Flying High * I Don't Know Why * I'll Forgive You * United We Conquer * Hand Of Time * You're Lying - One More Time * Island Of Memories * Take Me Back To Ireland * Old Accordion Man * My Home In Moneymore * Why Do We Love * Sweet Baby Mine * Fiddle On The Wall * Journey's End

CD * An Angel In Disguise * Circle Of Gold * Young Love * Fields Of Athenry * That Was Before I Met You * Yellow Roses * Special To Me * Lion In The Winter * Clock In The Tower * My World Revolves Around You * Love All Over *After All These Years

Code: CD28

The Greatest Hits
3DVD Set £11.99

Tracks Include: DVD * The Beauty Of My Home * If Only This Old World Could Be At Peace * Childhood Memories * When The Day Is Done * Lough Ree * My Scotland * You're The Best Friend * How Lucky I Must Be * An Accordion Started To Play * A Daisy For Mama * An Old Country Church * Partners In Rhyme

DVD * Circle Of Gold * A Dream Come True * Leave Me The Way That I Am * Till The Day That He Met You * The Old Accordion Man * I Miss The Biggest Part Of Me * Listen To The Children, Cottage In The Country, Mother's Chair * Like Leaves In The Wind * The Fiddle On The Wall * Sweet Baby Mine * We'll Meet Again My Friends * Single Yellow Rose

DVD * Over The Years * What's A Girl To Do? * Mother's Chair * Mary Kennedy Introduction * Lovely Lough Conn * Love Me Tonight * Interview With Isla * How Great Thou Art * The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me * Mother * Cottage In The Country * Only Yesterday * A Single Yellow Rose * Listen To The Children * Like You Always Could Do * Will You Walk With Me.

Code: DVD26

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