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Your Wedding Day
CD Price £9.99

Tracks Include: * Your Wedding Day * When Daddy Danced * Rose Coloured Glasses * Diggy Liggi Lo * Walking Piece Of Heaven * Deep In The Heart Of Texas * Lovely Leitrim Shore * Speak Softly * Noreen Bawn * Truckers Wallet * Old Lovers Never Die * Forever Blue * Separate Ways * I'll Die Young

Code: CD2046

California Cotton Fields
Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * California Cotton Fields * I Said All That To Say All This * Life’s Like Poetry * Tear Stained Letter * My Mother * Break Her Heart Of Mine * Summertime Blues * Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me * New Way To Light Up An Old Flame * Cajun Baby * Oh Carmen * Gonna Get A Life


Code: CD131

The Essential Collection
Double CD
Price £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * From Here To The Moon And Back (Duet With Claudia) * Goin’ Through The Big D * If I Didn’t Have A Dime * My Woman, My Woman, My Wife * My Galway Queen * Do You Mind If I Step Into Your Dreams? * Remembering * With Half A Heart * Nothing Sure Looks Good On You * Diggy Liggy Lo * Tijuana Lady * The Kingdom I Call Home * Tennessee Border * Bad News * You Gave Me a Mountain * Johnny Cash Selection (I Got Stripes, Folsom Prison, Ring of Fire)

CD2 * Let's Go To Vegas * The Grand Tour (Duet With George Jones) * Flowers On The Wall (With The Three Amigos) * Give My Love To Rose * Roll Out The Red Carpet * Your Wedding Day * Daddy Danced * Rose Coloured Glasses * Noreen Bawn * Cottage By The Sea * I Told You So (Duet With Claudia Buckley) * Just Can’t Help Believin’ * The Trucker's Wallet * Danny Boy * The In Crowd * Blue Ridge Mountain Girl

Code: CD130

Ramblin’ Man
Price £11.99

Tracks Include: * Ramblin’ Man * Little By Little * Dance With Me Just One More Time * Grandma’s Feather Bed * The Famous Lefty Flynn’s * I Told You So * Say Me Marie * If My Heart Had Windows * The Lone Ranger * There’s A Honky Tonk Angel * Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff * All I Want Is You

Code: CD128

Country & Me
Price £10.99

Tracks Include: * Half A Heart * Mr Miller * Bound For Glory * The Window Up Above * Things I Should Have Done * Love And Honour * Leaving On Her Mind * Bitter They Are Harder They Fall * Sweet Little Honkytonk Baby * Touch Me * Son Of Hickory Hollers Tramp * This One's Gonna Hurt You * Paint The Town Tonight * The Kingdom I Call Home * You Gave Me A Mountain

Code: CD124

Country Favourites
CD Price £7.99

Tracks Include: * Back In My Baby's Arms Again * The Happiness Of Having You * He Stopped Loving Her Today * Try A Little Kindness * Old Love Letters * It's Not Love, But It's Not Bad * Ashes Of Love * Irma Jackson * The Door Is Always Open * Linvin On Love * She Thinks I Still Care * I Can't Help It, If I'm Still In Love With You * If I Could Make A Living * Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain * New Patches

Code: CD557

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