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The Farmer Is The Man Who Feeds The World
CD Price £12.99

Tracks Include: * The farmer Is The Man Who Feeds The World * Wee Grey Ferguson Brown * The Faughan Side * Old Lobby Washed Down * 21 Acres Of Land * The Beautiful Strand Of Benone * Come Back Paddy Soon Again To Ireland * Ballymena Town * As Others Look At you * Ballycastle Ploughmen * Gem Of The Roe * The Golden Jubilee * The Island's TT * The Rose Of Moray * The Shores Of Lough Neagh

Code: CD33

John Watt Greatest Hits
DVD Price £12.99

Tracks Include: * Wee Grey Ferguson Brown * The Old Threshing Mill * Catch Me If you Can * Shorelands of Lough foyle * Four Country roads * Ploughman hugh Barr * Rathlin island * Old Bushmill's Whiskey * Great Moyola river * The rose Of Moray * Ballymena Strand * Gem Of the Roe * Little town of Garvagh * Come By The Hills The Peat Machine * The Faughan Side * Ballycastle Ploughmen * Sweet Ballintoy * Dan Murphy's Show * Old Lobby Washed down

Code: DVD23

The Fairy Reel
CD Price £12.99

Tracks Include: * The Fairy Reel * The Aul Turf Fire * Tourin' On A Massey Ferguson * My Own North Antrim Shore * Four Country Roads * Medley * The Cooley Song * Will Ye Go Lassie Go * Catch Me If You Can * Come By The Hills * Old Bushmills Whiskey * Dan Murphy's Door * Rathlin Island * An Irish Harvest Day * Dreaming Of Home

Code: CD32

Travelling By Donkey And Cart
DVD Price £12.99

Tracks Include: * The Oul turf fire * Travelling By Donkey And Cart * North antrim by The Sea * Violin (Instrumental) * Twenty One Acres Of Land * The Auld Lammas Fair Mix * Sheep Clipping time Is Here * The Hiring fairs * I've got A thing About trains * Dreaming Of home * An Irish harvest day

Code: DVD22

A Country Boy Is What I Am
CD Price £12.99

Tracks Include: * A Country Boy Is What I Am * The Old Threshing Mill * I Was Dreaming Last night About You * Ploughman Hugh Barr * Mist On The Mountains Of Home * My Home Is Sweet Lough Giel * Medley * Great Moyola River * The Indian McCook * A Pub With No Beer * Shorelands Of Lough Foyle * The Peat Machine * Sweet Ballintoy * You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May * The Moonshiner

Code: CD31

Whitepark Bay
DVD Price £12.99

Tracks Include: * I'll Settle for Old Ireland * The Bridle on The Wall * Fiddle (Instrumental) * Slemish hill * The Village Of Ballintoy * Cushendun * Ballymoney Agricultural Show * Whitepark Bay * Fiddle (Instrumental) * Hometown On The Foyle * Piano (Instrumental) * The Rose Of Moray

Code: DVD21

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