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The Roots Of My Raisin'
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * The Roots Of My Raisin' * Darling I Am Sorry * Indian Love Call * Oh My Darlin' I Love You * I Want To Stroll Over Heaven * Oil Lamps To City Lights * No One Will Ever Know * Old Bible Stories * Another Bridge To Burn * Winter Winds * Shackles And Chains * I Wonder Could I Live There Anymore * Wayward Wind * I Want To Sing A Song * I Remember You

Code: CD05

Cowboy Heaven
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * It Takes People Like You * Big Iron * Cowboy Heaven * Little Spot In Heaven * Devil Woman * Eighteen Yellow Roses * El Paso * Betcha My Heart I Love Ye * Hank Williams Came To town * This World Is Not My Home * Whispering Wind * White Sports Coat * Pity The Man * Wolverton Mountain

Code: CD05

Country Yodel
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * She Taught Me To Yodel * Blondes In The Byre * Farmer's Daughter * Is Anybody Going To San Antone * Family Bible * Country Yodel * Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine * Crystal Chandaliers * Please Release Me * When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold * Red River Valley * Green Green Grass Of Home * I'll Yodel Just For You * The Kings Highway

Code: CD04

The Road To Your Heart
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Yodel Lullaby * The Road To Your Heart * Back In The Saddle Again * Together Again * I Love To Yodel * The Money Makes It Ok By Me * The Oklahoma Hills * My Wild Californian Rose * Gypsy Woman * An Old Cowhand * We'll Have To Talk It Over * Sioux City Sue * I'm A Little Bit Lonely * Down The Mississippi

Code: CD03

CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Casting My Lassoo * Old Loves Never Die * Anytime * I'm Singing Hallelujah * Happy Anniversary * Devil Woman * Out On The Prairie * Rosemarie * Oh No No * Love Song Of The Waterfall * Tennessee Waltz * I'm A Fool

Code: CD02

If I Should Lose You
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Do You Read Your Bible * If I Should Lose You * Fool * At The Cross * Standing Room Only * I'm Using My Bible As A Roadmap * Redeeming Love * A Thousand Miles Lord * Learning To Lean * Oh Jesus Christ I Love You

Code: CD01


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