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An Evening With Margo


Live from the Millennium Forum in Derry, Margo celebrates 55 years in music with this very special show as part of TG4’s Opry Le Daniel concert series first broadcast on Christmas Eve in 2019. Margo plays her hits such as Dear God, Shanagolden and The Parting Glass, plus she performs Don’t Cry Joni with Daniel and her recent Big Tom hit A Love That’s Lasted Through The Years with song writer Shunie Crampsey. The DVD also includes tributes from friends and an exclusive unseen interview with Margo.

Tracks Include: * Back Home To Donegal * Dear God * If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child) * The Highway Of My Life * Family Bible * Please Mama Please * Shanagolden * Have You Got Time * Broken Engagement * A Love That’s Lasted Through The Years * Fly Me West * Tipperary Far Away * A Million Reasons * Let’s Make A Difference * Don’t Cry Joni * The Parting Glass


Code: DVD328

Old & New
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Have You Got Time * Fly Me West * Grace * Liz Anderson Tribute * In The Grand Ole Opry (Tribute To Jean Shepard) * Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland * Tipperary Far Away * I Almost Touch A Rainbow * A Heart That Will Never Break Again * He Touched Me * A Million Reasons * A Love That Lasted Through The Years (Big Tom & Margo) * Sweethearts In Heaven * Philadelphia Lawyer * The Violet And The Rose * The Parting Glass

Code: CD326

The Promise & The Dream
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Let's Make A Difference * Pocketful Of Dreams * Anywhere In Ireland * They'll Never Take His Love From Me * Knowing You'll Be There * 0n My Musical Journey * I'd Rather Have Jesus * Wexford's Hearts Of Gold * Paint Me A Picture Of Ireland * The Party's Over * Apartment Number 9 * Remember Me * Absent Friends * My Father's Arms * Please Mama Please * Friends Like You * Imperfectly Perfect * Bonny Irish Boy * Pocketful Of Dreams (Reprise) * Poem For Mum And Dad

Code: CD324

50 Songs 50 Years
3CD Box Set

Tracks Include: * CD1 * Born In Ireland * Poverty * Little Town On The Shannon * The Man From The Glen * Little White House * Ireland On My Mind * Shanagolden * An Irish Harvest Day * Packie Bonner * To My Children I'm Irish * Isle Of The Welcomes * I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget * Dear Old Galway Town * Dear John * Any Town In Ireland Would Be Home * Lady Of Knock * Lovely Kincasslagh

CD2 * The Green Fields Of Ireland * Heaven Around Galway Bay * The Isle of Innisfree * Lovely Erin's Shore * Pick Me Up On Your Way Down * How Far Is Heaven * Home To Achill Island * Consider The Children * Back Home To Donegal * Rented Room * Philadelphia Lawyer * Sweethearts In Heaven * A Bunch Of Thyme * It's A Little More Like Heaven * Infamous Angel * Walking Tall In Donegal

CD3 * Learning To Say Goodbye * Violet And A Rose * Darling Days * If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child) * Home Is Where The Heart Is * Paper Mansions * Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long * These Are The Colours * Blue Are The Violets * A Teardrop On A Rose * Signed, Sealed And Delivered * Wishful Thinking * Make Somebody's Day * We Have Tried * I Would Like To See You Again * So Afraid Of Losing You Again * Friends

Code: CD302


Tracks Include: * Back Home To Donegal * The Hills That I Call Home * Rosslare Harbour * Don't Step On Mother's Roses * Dear God / Through The Eyes Of A Child * Boys In Blue * Please Mama Please * New Patches * Over The Years * Tipperary Far Away * Learning To Say Goodbye * James Connolly * Bonny Irish Boy * Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle * Pocketful Of Dreams * Highway Of My Life * Deepening Snow * I Still Miss Someone * Patches In Heaven * Paint Me A Picture Of Ireland * Fields Of Hope * The Road By The River * Time Changes Everything * The Third Man

Code: DVD320

The World Through My Eyes
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Here We Are Again Tonight * Stranger In My Town * Mansion On The Hill * He Played His Farewell Song * Fields Of Hope * The Years They Seemed Like Days * less Possessions * Green Hills Of Slane * Rocky Shores Of Carna * Making Believe * Silver & Gold * I'll Hold Onto Your Coat * The Circle * May We All Someday Meet Again

Code: CD318

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