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Then & Now
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * The Door Is Always Open * Second Handed Flowers * The Cost Of Living * The Selfishness In Man * People Are Crazy * Busted * Fools Castle (Kevin Sheerin) * Back On The Road Again * Borrowed Angel * Mocking Bird Hill * Saginaw Michigan (Mick Lube) * Lorraine * Brand New Mister Me * Wolverton Mountain.

Code: CD38

The Essential
Double CD £9.99

Tracks Include: CD * Back In Love By Monday * What A Lie * He Stopped Loving Her Today * You Win Again * Shower The People * To Be Lovers * Hold Her In Your Hand * I’ll Never Get Over You * Midnight Flight * Maybe This Time * Victim Of Life’s Circumstances * Fewer Threads Than These * Rose In Paradise * When I Had A Home To Go To * I’ve Loved You All Over The World * Sweet Music Man

CD * Gypsy Joe And Me * Girls Women And Ladies * Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile * The Gambler * Beautiful Women * You Put The Blue In Me * Rainy Days And Stormy Nights * The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulders * Speak Softly, You’re Talking To My Heart * Smile If It Kills Ya * A Bed For The Night * From Now On * Wintertime * Home Away From Home * Time I Don’t Want To See Another Town

Code: CD36

Philomena Begley & Ray Lynam
The Complete Duet Collection
2CD Set £9.99

Tracks Include: CD * We Go Together * Never Grow Old * Just Someone I Used To Know * Silver Sandals * You're The One I Can't Live Without * Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man * We're Locking Up Each Souvenir * All These Little Things * Seeing Eye To Eye * We Believe In Each Other * Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark * You And Me, Him and Her * If You Were Mine * Mr & Mrs Used To Be * That's When My Baby Sings His Song * In The Vine * Anything's Better Than Nothing * My Elusive Dreams * We Found It * Take My Hand * We Love To Sing About Jesus * Heaven Help The People * We've Run Out Of Tomorrows

CD * You Don't Know Love * Simply Divine * Together Alone * Near You * Don't Step Over An Old Love * Making Plans * Sweetest Of All * I'll Never Need Another You * She Sang The Melody * Long As We're Dreaming * We're Gonna Hold On * Fire Of Two Old Flames * How's The World Treating You * Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark (New version)

Code: CD2072


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