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The Boys In Blue
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * The Boys In Blue * Me Name Is Mickey Joe * The Ballad Of Mattress Mick / Pulling Their Wire On The ESB * The Burger Song * If I Had Known * Why Did They Call Me ESB * The Johnny Tracey Song * Quad Auld Rhymes Song * She Said She Wouldn’t * Johnny Is A Bachelor * Aon Focal Eile Celebrating 20 Years With Foster And Allen, Shay Healy, Paul Mcgrath, Brenda Donohue And Tony Keogh

Code: CD40

Will Ya Have A Mug A Tae
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * The New Iphone * The Paddy Wagon * Christy’s Auld Cow * The Pothole Song * Will Ya Have A Mug A Tae * Art Kavanagh * Back Seat A Me Auld Morris Car * Vintage TV * Down Memory Lane * Celebrating 20 Years * Richie Chats To John Hogan * Richies Garage

Code: DVD39

The Greatest Hits
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Aon Focal Eile * The Mobile Phone * Stay Wut Her Johnny * Mickeys Buckin’ Ass * The Ballad Of Lidl And Aldi * The Water Meter Song (New Single) * Chicken Talk * Get Out Your Focal Leabhar * How To Milk A Cow * A Ride On A Tractor * Paddys Day * A Travellin Man * Follow The Wren * Face Her For Mount Leinster * Up The Road * I Love My Juggernaut * Keep The Shovel Tipping * A Ferguson Tractor * The Pothole Song * A Teenager 1968 * Fagans Chipper Van * The Gordan Bennett Race * Me First Marquee Dance * My Girlfriends Pussy Cat


Code: CD38

Keep Her Lit
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * My wife, Johnny's Morris Minor * I Love The Smell Of Silage * Me Little Jack Russell * John Joe Yer a Good One * Richie Won't Be Singing Aon focale Anymore * Horsing Around (Burger Song) * Between Me And You * If You Feel Like Singing Do Sing An Irish Song * The Plucker Song * Richie On Tour * Richie Singing On Stage * Jingle Jangle Ding Aling * The Watergate Theater Live

Code: DVD36

Richie Kavanagh & Seamus Moore
Just Having A Bit Of Fun
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * You Can't Park There * I Love The Smell Of Silage * That's not The Way to Do It * Mick The Tent * The Ring Of A Pig * The Quare Auld Rhymes Song * Me Driving Test * A Little Bar Of Soap * Paddy * She Said She Wouldn't * The Bodhran * Richie Won't Be Singing Aon Focal Anymore

Code: CD01

The Richie Kavanagh Story
DVD £12.99

This DVD features a half-hour documentary about singer songwriter Richie Kavanagh and his songs. It also includes 16 of Richies best Tracks

Tracks Include: * Stay Wut Her Johnny * Chicken Talk * A Travellin man * A Ferguson tractor * Me Granny Was A Plucker * The Tinker And Guard * Never Say Ow * Going To School * Keep The Shovel Tipping * Richie Watch * The Lanz Bulldog Tractor * The Ploughing Championships * I Love My Juggenaught * Hanna Hats * Sally Dorans Nelly Bike * Vintage Richie TV

Code: DVD32

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