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Tracks Include: * These Are The Good Old Days * Always With Me * Life On A Peaceful Shore * Believe And Keep On Dreaming * Thank You * God On The Mountain * Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Duet With Truth's Mam Philomena) * How Great Thou Art * Amazing Grace * You Raise Me Up * Softly And Tenderly * Letter From Heaven


Code: CD12

Thank You
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Thank You * Old Friends Are Best * Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Duet with Trudi's Mam Philomena) * My Old Cottage Home In the Glen * Lovely Laois * My Ireland * Rose Of Mooncoin * Far Away A Light Is Burning (Duet with Patrick O'Sullivan) * When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Duet with Trudi's Mum Philomena) * The Only One I'll Ever Love Is You * Country Medley * Sunshine Of Your Smile (Duet with Dave Lawlor) * Gently Mother * How Great Thou Art

Code: DVD14

Old Friends Are Best

Tracks Include: * Old Friends Are Best * When I Grow Too Old To Dream * I Remember You My Love * My Old Cottage Home In The Glen * Sunshine Of Your Smile * The Only One I'll Ever Love Is You * The Old Refrain * Aghadoe * Mr Moon * You Were Never Too Far From My Mind * Darling I'll Never Stop Loving You * I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me * Whispering Hope

Code: CD11

The Collection
Double CD £11.99

Tracks Include: CD * Lovely Laois * My Ireland * Lough Sheelin Shore * Blossom time In Ireland * Money Talks * If Those Lips Could Only speak * Old Irish Song * Rose Of Mooncoin * Achill Island Home * Dungarvan My Hometown * Tipperary Calling Me * From An Island To An Island * Sprig Of Irish Heather * Killarney In My Dreams * Land Where The Slaney Flows * Loving Arms Of County Down * We’ll Meet Again In Spancil Hill * New Love Story * You’re The Only One * Danny Boy

CD * 100 Honeymoons * The Blame * Old Fashioned Love (With Ray Lynam) * Lucky Old Colorado * First Time * Country Medley * Don’t Fight The Feeling Of Love * Out Of Reach * It Only Hurts Me Baby When I Laugh * Next Time Round * To Have And To Hold * Country Jive Medley * I Knew Enough To Fall In Love With You * Losing Side Of Me * Reasons I’ve Forgotten * One Love * Double Dealing Heart * I’d Fall In Love Tonight * Don’t Wanna Walk * I’ll Never Love This Way Again

Code: CD10

Home I'll Be
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Home I'll Be * Shannon River * Gentle Mother * Far Away A Light Is Burning * Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Duet With Trudi's Mother) * Home To Donegal * Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee * Galway Bay * The Lights Of Rosslare Harbour * Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle * The Lonely Woods Of Upton * Lovely Leitrim Shore * Best Of Friends

Code: CD09


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